Exploring the Incredible Depths of the Grand Canyon

There is no place on Earth like the Grand Canyon. It is arguably one of the most magnificent natural wonders in the world as it receives more visitors than any other park. On a trip to the Grand Canyon, you will likely run into several people from all over the world who have come to behold the stunning landform.

If a visit to the Grand Canyon isn’t already on your bucket list, you will want to add it soon.

1. Planning Your Trip

flickr/ Shawn Harquail
flickr/ Shawn Harquail

Before you start making any plans for a trip to the Grand Canyon, you will want to determine how much time you will have to spend there.

Once you know how much time you will have to spend, you will want to choose which rim you would like to visit. If you only have a day to spend at the canyon, you will more than likely only have time to visit one rim as the North Rim is about 5 and a half hours drive from the South Rim. You will want to visit the South Rim if you want to see the more popular views that you see on all of the postcards.

The North Rim provides strikingly different views, but it doesn’t quite allow you to view the vastness of the canyon. However, you should consider visiting it if you have several days to spend at the Grand Canyon because the views are still incredible.

2. Ways to View the Canyon

flickr/ Bernard Spragg
flickr/ Bernard Spragg

There are plenty of different ways to take in the sights at the Grand Canyon.

You should choose a method that fits your budget and comfort level. It only costs $25 for a vehicle and its occupants to enter the park, so you may find that it would easier and cheaper to just ride through the park on the shuttles, which you can get off and on at different viewing points at your own pace. If you’re feeling brave and have the proper gear, you may decide that you want to hike down into the canyon.

This will more than likely require that you stay overnight in the canyon, so you will want to visit the National Park website to read about any permits or other pertinent information. You may also choose to take a mule tour, go rafting, or take a helicopter ride over the canyon.

3. Lodging

flickr/ Al_HikesAZ
flickr/ Al_HikesAZ

There are plenty of lodging options available for your visit to the Grand Canyon, but because of the popularity of this natural wonder, you may find it difficult to get reservations without making them well in advance.

There are several lodges in the park, cabins, and campground for visitors. If you cannot get reservations, you can also consider camping in one of the dispersed camping areas that are completely free. Of course, there are no amenities in these camping areas, but some of the other campgrounds will allow campers to use theirs.

There is plenty of planning to be done if you are wanting to take a trip to the Grand Canyon. It is important that you do your research and visit the park’s website for any notifications, maps, and safety information.

If you plan your trip well, you will be able to relax and enjoy one of the most amazing wonders you will ever set your eyes on.

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