Romantic Couple Vacation in Venice, Italy

Venice is known for history, beauty, romance. To make this getaway truly romantic for you and that special someone, it is best to avoid the crowds when you can.

There are so many wonders to be found behind the squares where everyone gathers and the Grand Canal where everyone wants to see and be seen. It is simply a matter of knowing where to go and when.

1. Gondolas

gondolas venice italy
Hernán Piñera

What is more typical of a vacation in Venice than a gondola ride?

There are several things to consider before jumping aboard, however. The traditional length of rides is approximately forty minutes. The rates are set for all gondoliers, but you can negotiate for a shorter ride. Evening rides and Grand Canal rides are more expensive.

Your best bet for a romantic time is to book ahead for an evening trip along the back alleys. If you enjoy wine, bring along a bottle and settle in for a nice evening.

2. Evening Walks Along the Canals

When the sun sets and the lamps are lit, the streets empty of crowds. You may encounter a few tourists, but the back streets and canals are all yours. Plan your trip ahead of time and ask locals for suggestions to get the best experience.

3. Fondazione Querini Stampalia

fondazione querini stampalia
Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

Instead of squeezing into some of the more crowded historical sites, try smaller venues like this one.

It is a facility and foundation created by the last in line of the Querini Stampalia family (one of the many noble families of Venice). The idea was to preserve the original architecture of the house, provide the public a view of its magnificent art collections, and present contemporary art.

4. Murano

Venice has long been known for its blown glass tradition, but after so many fires caused by glassworks in the city, the glassblowers were relegated to the island of Murano.

Today, Murano (which is a short trip from Venice proper), is a must-see for those who love the arts. Hold hands with your sweetheart as you watch the master craftsmen create works of beauty from the furnaces. The blown glasswork is expensive, but it would make a wonderful keepsake and reminder of your trip to Venice.

5. Chiostro San Francesco della Vigna

chiostro san francesco della vigna
Didier Descouens

This is technically a public park, but it is so small and private, that you and your loved one may find a bit of quiet away from the crowds. It is part of the San Francesco della Vigna church grounds in the Castello district of Venice. Lovely and carefully tended, this patch of peace and greenery is as romantic as it gets.

6. Dinner

If you want the Venice tourist experience, then eat dinner at least once at St. Mark’s Square or on the Rialto Bridge, overlooking the canals.

The views are wonderful, and the food is good, but the crowds are overwhelming at times, and the prices are unreasonable at times. For a truly Venetian dining experience, go where the locals go, or try fish markets and bar grub. Get outside the tourist areas and ask local people for their recommendations.

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